Battlefield and Fremont Intersection and Roadway Widening Project to wrap up in November


Neighbors who travel along Fremont Avenue between Battlefield Road and Sunset Street will soon notice construction activities wrapping up as the Battlefield and Fremont Intersection and Roadway Widening Project nears completion.

“The overall goal of the project is to increase capacity and improve traffic flow in one of our busiest retail areas,” explains Public Works project manager Jonathan Peitz. “Widening Fremont north of Battlefield and providing an additional northbound lane is expected to help reduce the bottlenecks along Battlefield.”

The project began construction in May, with major utility relocation work by City Utilities occurring prior to the widening project in 2019.

In mid-September, AT&T completed work to relocate a utility vault under a new turn lane in Battlefield Avenue. New traffic signals have been installed and are now operational at the intersections of Battlefield Road and Fremont Avenue and at Fremont Avenue and the Battlefield Mall entrance.

Pedestrian improvements are expected to be complete by October and include new Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant sidewalks along the east side of Fremont Avenue and a multi-use path on the west side of the roadway.

Traffic delays can be expected in October at the Battlefield Road and Fremont Avenue intersection as construction activities shift to the south side of the intersection to allow contractors to install new concrete islands. The final paving surface of the roadway will be the last item completed and is expected to be applied by the end of October.

“This has been a complicated project, so we’re excited to be on schedule to wrap up prior to our November deadline,” says Peitz. “A big thank you to the residents and area businesses for their patience and cooperation throughout construction.”


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