Beechwood Heights stormwater improvement project to begin this summer


Residents in the Beechwood Heights subdivision north of the Oak Grove neighborhood can expect construction to begin in late July on a stormwater improvement project meant to relieve flooding to streets and private property in their neighborhood.

The project will replace the current assembly of shallow roadside ditches with a new system of underground pipes and inlets along East Walnut Street from South Elmwood Drive to Monte Vista Avenue and along East Horning Street from the western dead-end to South Elmwood Drive. The new pipe network will discharge to an open channel located west of the neighborhood, following the existing flow path of stormwater runoff.  The project also includes City Utilities gas and water relocation and renewal work.

“The Beechwood Heights Subdivision was originally developed in the 1960s and didn’t include any underground stormwater conveyance,” explains Public Works stormwater project manager Kirkland Preston. “The project is a result of documented, localized street, yard and structure flooding in this area – particularly during heavy spring rain events.”

Neighborhood traffic flow will be impacted during the second half of the project, with the closure of East Walnut Street to through traffic between Monte Vista Avenue and Elmwood Avenue. Local traffic will be allowed and residents will maintain access to their properties throughout construction. Details on the timing of this closure will be provided as soon as they are available.

Construction is estimated to last approximately nine months with project completion anticipated in spring 2021. The estimated cost of this project is $1.5 million, funded through the ¼-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax.


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