Bissett Neighborhood-wide yard sale planned for Saturday, July 15


Bissett’s “Yard-Zale” is set for Saturday, July 15, 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. We’re expecting quite a few neighbors to be selling good stuff, so come out to find bargains and enjoy meeting neighbors. We especially want to invite those from outside Bissett to come out. It’s always fun to meet new folks and learn about other neighborhoods. If you live in Bissett and would like to hold a sale in your yard, contact Sheila at 417-988-2840 and she’ll get your sale on the list for day-of-sale flyers and to get a yard sale sign put up in your yard. BNA will also handle promotions of the event. If you are from outside Bissett and would like to come out for the sale, just drive into the Bissett neighborhood and look for a “Yard-Zale” yard sign in any of the participating sales. In addition to looking at the cool stuff for sale, you can pick up a map showing addresses of all participating sales. In previous years, there have typically been more than 25 sales, so well worth the drive if you happen to live on the other end of town.


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