City’s Private Sewer Repair Program continues in Delaware, Rountree, Phelps Grove and University Heights


The City’s Department of Environmental Services is launching another round of outreach in the Delaware, Rountree, Phelps Grove and University Heights neighborhoods to encourage participation in the City’s Private Sewer Repair Program.

City records show a history of sanitary sewer manhole overflows and basement backups in these neighborhoods. Overflows and basement backups can be relieved by repairing improper connections to the sanitary sewer that are often found on private property. Basement drains, downspouts, sump pumps and uncapped cleanouts all contribute to sewer system overflows by allowing excess rainwater into the sanitary sewer system.

That’s where the City’s Private Sewer Repair Program can help.

The free voluntary program helps prevent rainwater from entering the sanitary sewer, causing backups into homes and untreated water to overflow into area streams and lakes by repairing improper connections. Property owners and residents are asked to schedule a free plumbing evaluation to identify improper connections to the sewer system. When improper connections are found, property owners are asked to allow qualified local plumbers, paid by the City, to make the repairs. 

Environmental Services first offered the program in these neighborhoods in 2019. Since then, complications with the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors have hindered the number of households and properties the City has been able to impact with this program.

Residents may see program evaluators going door-to-door. They are reaching out and leaving door hangers to try to increase participation in this important program. Evaluators and City staff always wear City of Springfield logo clothing and carry City identification. 

Even if property owner doesn’t experience backups or sewer issues themselves, their improper sewer connections could be can contributing to sewer problems experienced by their neighbors and are encouraged to schedule a free evaluation.

Visit for more information on the program or call 417-874-1295 to schedule a no-cost plumbing evaluation of your property. Evaluations take up to 45 minutes.


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