Design phase for Rountree stormwater improvements underway


Relief from historic flooding is coming to parts of the Rountree neighborhood, thanks to funding from the City’s Level Property Tax and 1/4-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax.

Anticipated for construction in Spring 2021, the project is currently under design by City consultant CMT. The new infrastructure, involving underground pipe and inlet structures, is planned beginning at the intersection of South Fremont and East Lombard and extending to South Weller and East Madison.

Original concepts for the project saw the bulk of construction extending down Pickwick Avenue instead of Fremont.

“The project alignment was shifted due to concerns about the substructure of Pickwick and whether heavy construction equipment might cause too much damage to the roadway,” explains Springfield Public Works project manager Zach Mills. “Fremont is a more feasible option and will better allow for potential infrastructure expansion in the future.”

Mills began reaching out to property owners along the project area in December 2019 and spoke at a Rountree Neighborhood Association meeting in mid-February. With the new project alignment, concerns were raised about how the project might affect trees located in the City’s right-of-way along the east side of Fremont.

“We are doing our best to balance the stormwater management needs of the area while maintaining the tree-covered character of the neighborhood,” says Mills. “Following input from residents, we are exploring design approaches that might allow us to minimize the impact to these trees.”

The City is also looking for areas located directly along the project site to install curbside rain gardens. Rain gardens are water quality features made up of native plantings used to treat rainwater before it reaches our waterways.

Curbside rain gardens would be located in the City’s right-of-way. Property owners may be asked to partner with the City to monitor and maintain the garden. Contact Mills at for more information.


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