Galloway Community Improvement District appoints Green Circle Projects as CID manager/administrator


At its May 29 meeting, the newly formed Galloway Community Improvement District board named Green Circle Projects as its manager/administrator.

Board members in attendance at the meeting include:

  • Amie VanDamme (Firehouse Pottery) – President
  • Jarad Johnson (Mostly Serious)  – Vice President
  • Jaime Kurucz (Galloway Village Veterinary LLC) – Treasurer
  • Jessica Pearson (Green Circle Projects) – Secretary
  • Sam Coryell (TLC Properties)
  • Rhett Smillie (Rhett Smillie Real Estate)
  • Kelly Smillie (Rhett Smillie Real Estate)
  • Richard Kennedy (Acacia Spa)
  • Melanie Bach.

A Community Improvement District (CID) is a non-profit corporation or a separate political subdivision of the state that may be created for the purpose of issuing bonds, levying taxes, and applying special assessments to finance public improvements, public services, and blight removal within a defined area. The Galloway CID’s stated purpose is:

  • Renovation or new construction of public right-of-way improvements along and adjacent to South Lone Pine Avenue such as
    • signage
    • lighting
    • street furniture
    • sidewalks
    • pedestrian crossings
    • and trail connections.
  • Construction of additional public parking; Installation and maintenance of holiday lighting and decorations.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of public sidewalks, alleys and parking lots.
  • Removal of trash from public sidewalk receptacles.
  • Mowing and landscaping of public right of ways and district-owned property.
  • Additional police, safety and security services.
  • Public parking enforcement.
  • Marketing and image enhancements, such as:
    • maintaining a website
    • publishing visitor guides and maps
    • and installing and banners on public property.

In January, the qualified voters within the district approved a 1% sales and use tax. The board passed a resolution at the May meeting adopting the sales tax. 

The Galloway CID will be in effect for 20 years upon its approval by Springfield City Council, which will be until August 2039.

Springfield has several Community Improvement Districts. Learn more about them by visiting and choosing the Community Improvement Districts map.


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