Police offers holiday reminders to help keep SGF safe


The weather is getting colder and you’re getting ready for the holiday season that’s ahead. This time of year can be special and full of wonderful memories, but it is also rife with opportunities for you to become the victim of a crime.

Shop ‘til you drop and keep your gifts safe

Opportunistic criminals are always watching. You’ve worked hard scouring various online retailers for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Don’t let that hard work disappear off your front porch.

It is important, especially during the holiday season, to have a trusted neighbor hold on to your packages sent to your porch if you’ll be gone when the delivery truck arrives. Alternatively, consider a different delivery address for your packages such as having them delivered to work or the post office where they will be stored safely until you can pick them up.

If you’re more the type who enjoys doing your holiday shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, you also have some safety precautions to practice. Make sure you conceal your shopping bags before you head to the next store – ideally in the trunk of the car. Be aware of where you’re parking your vehicle. Make sure it is a well-lit area and always lock it when you leave.

Protect your belongings and your privacy at home

What can strangers see in your home from the street as they drive past? If they can see your beautiful decorations, wrapped gifts, or even the new, latest-and-greatest gaming system, you’re opening yourself up to becoming a victim.

As wonderful as your decorations look from the outside at night, by leaving your blinds open you’re giving criminals a front row seat to the goodies in your living room. At night, close your blinds or curtains, especially those on the front of your home, and make sure your doors and windows are locked.

After you’ve opened gifts, break down the boxes and take them to one of the convenient recycling centers in Springfield. By leaving boxes to your new TV or this year’s hot toy on the curb, you’re giving a criminal a shopping list for what’s in your home.

By putting these tips into practice, you’re helping to keep your holiday season merry and bright! Thank you for your help keeping Springfield safe.


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