Map of registered short-term rentals in SGF city limits now available online


In response to a request from City Council, the City of Springfield’s Geographic Information Systems has developed a map which depicts registered short-term rentals (STRs) in the city limits of Springfield. Users can view all STRs in the city limits or search for a specific address. The map is updated weekly as Planning staff review and approve applications. This map can also be used to report possible violations. The map and additional information about registered STRs in Springfield are available at  

City Council passed an ordinance to begin regulating STRs in Springfield in 2019. Recently, the City has been stepping up enforcement of unregistered STRs via the software Rentalscape, which assists municipalities in enforcing short-term rentals ordinances, managing registrations and collecting transient occupancy tax payments. 

In Springfield, STRs are now subject to the hotel-motel tax, which collects 5% of gross rental receipts of transient guests for sleeping accommodations. Proceeds from the tax are used to promote travel and tourism and to pay debt service for bonds issued under the prior license tax. 

Regulation of STRS is also needed to establish a community standard for the integration of short-term rental units within existing neighborhoods while maintaining neighborhood and community character and to ensure health and safety of visitors and residents by re-affirming police, fire, and building safety guidelines for transient lodgers who may not be familiar with local laws.


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