Meador president reflects on successful 2019


With City of Springfield funding and excellent coordination by Community Partnership of the Ozarks’ Michelle Hethcoat, we had another very successful cleanup with help from numerous Meador Park residents and our chair, Shannon Medley. We moved our date up by about six weeks to avoid the cold. The weather was generally good, but had a rather substantial short shower.

We disposed of 10.4 tons of trash – that’s 20,400 pounds. That is a lot of trash! In addition, we recycled at least two very full loads of scrap metal and a large number of electronics.

We must say thank you to our City Council and CPO for making this possible!

Kickball 2020

The first year was a success – at least Rountree Neighborhood Association thought it was, since they were the winners. What does Meador Park need to bring home the 2020 trophy? Let’s start with a coach, players, and spectators!

The Meador Park Sports Complex will be home for this multi-neighborhood competition which will be on March 29, 2020. All readers from throughout the City of are encouraged to be involved.

We will find a spot for everyone. Please don’t be shy! If you have any interest in meeting new people or seeing old friends, please contact us.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

This was the first year for this program, which was chaired by Donna Clarkson. The objective was to assist neighbors with tasks that they were unable to accomplish themselves.  Projects ranged from stabilizing a fence, to cleaning gutters, to yard work including some serious raking and pruning. Seven projects were completed in just a little over four hours.

We really do have some of the best residents in Meador Park neighborhood!


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