Mt. Vernon Bridge Replacement Project nearing completion


Following a long summer of construction, and plenty of rain, Mt. Vernon Street west of Kansas Expressway is close to reopening to traffic as the bridge replacement project nears completion.

“We are expecting to reopen Mt. Vernon street by early October, with the rest of the project wrapping up closer to November,” says Public Works project manager Andrew Flippin.

After work to the roadway is complete, crews still have the creek to contend with. Final stormwater improvements include the construction of a retaining wall and grading work to help provide bank stabilization and increase the capacity of the creek.

“With as much rain as Springfield has received this summer, work in the creek has been difficult,” explains Flippin. “Due to the flash flooding characteristics of Jordan Creek, anytime it rains the water rises a significant amount and causes delays.”

Along with improvements to the creek bed, the completed project will provide a new bridge structure, add sidewalks compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and connect the existing multi-use trail to Mount Vernon Street.

The cost of the project is approximately $1.5 million, partially funded through a federal On-System Bridge Program with the remaining portion funded through reimbursement funds from the Missouri Department of Transportation received from a previous project. The contractor for the project is Hartman & Company, Inc.


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