Pickleball, anyone? New multi-Court at L.A. Wise Park ready for play


Thanks to funding via the Neighborhood Works Program, the new multi-sport court at L.A. Wise Park is finished. The court is lined for many sports, with basketball being played there almost as soon as the paint was dry! Importantly, the court is also set up for Pickleball. A sort of cross between ping pong and tennis, it is the fastest-growing sport in the U.S. Given the smaller size of the court than tennis, and underhand style of serving, it is less physically taxing to play than tennis, and thus accessible to a much wider variety of players. The game involves a net, paddles and balls similar to wiffle balls. 

Want to play? Well, BNA has you covered! All BNA members can borrow a full game set including portable net, paddles and balls, so for no more than an annual membership fee ($5 per person/$10 family), you can borrow the set and check it out. You might find out why folks like Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew Perry, Jenna Bush Hager, George and Amal Clooney and even the Kardashians are playing! 


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