Rebuilt York Elementary School to open in 2022


Due to lower than expected costs on multiple Proposition S projects, an estimated $20.96 million is available to build a new York Elementary School on its current site at 2100 W. Nichols.

York, along with Pipkin Middle School, was identified by the Community Task Force on Facilities as “next in line” for improvements. On Aug. 18, Springfield Public Schools’ Board of Education approved to move forward with the York project.

Demolition of the current school is slated for June 2021, with construction to begin for a new, nearly $20 million school beginning in August 2021. The rebuilt York is scheduled to open by August 2022.

York was constructed in 1911. It was named after William York, a disabled Civil War veteran, who circulated a petition in the fall of 1910 requesting the construction of a school in that area. Below is a timeline of the school’s development.

  • 1911:  Original building was 8,459 square feet, consisting of four classrooms and one basement room.
  • 1923:  Annexed into Springfield Public Schools R-12 District
  • 1930:  Addition of 7,782 sq. ft. including five classrooms and restrooms.
  • 1954:  Addition of 11,061 sq. ft. consisting of four classrooms and a multipurpose room.
  • 1967:  Addition of 4,153 sq. ft. for two kindergarten classrooms and one regular classroom.
  • 1991:  Addition of a learning resource center and two classrooms.

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