Second application round of Neighborhood Works funding expected in the fall as current slate of projects continue


Seven neighborhood improvement projects have been completed and more are underway in the first round of 2019-2024 Neighborhood Works improvement project funding.  A second project application round is expected to take place in fall 2022 to allocate approximately $426,000 in remaining program funds.

First launched in 2016 and funded through the ¼-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax, Neighborhood Works is intended to fund small-scale capital improvements within officially registered neighborhoods. The program gives residents the opportunity to identify projects they believe will offer the greatest benefit to their area including small-scale stormwater drainage improvements, sidewalk and trail connections, public parking and alleyway improvements and updates to parks. Individual projects are limited to $100,000 or less and must take place on city-owned property or right-of-way.

Status of 2019-2024 Round 1 Neighborhood Works Projects


Hillcrest/Nichols Pedestrian Safety and Accessibility Improvements – $78,000
Various pedestrian safety and accessibility improvements in the Bissett Neighborhood are now under contract with Liming Concrete with construction expected this summer. The project will include radius improvements at the intersection of Hillcrest Avenue and Nichols Street, ADA sidewalk replacement on Hillcrest Avenue from Nichols Street to Brower Street and a concrete landing at the bus stop along Nichols Street near L.A. Wise Park.


Improvements to Kirkwood Park – $99,000
nstallation of new accessible playground equipment at Kirkwood Park (2201 E. Seminole), including concrete base and rubber surfacing, is expected to take place this fall.

Galloway Village

Galloway Neighborhood Intersection Improvements – $0
A project to repair the edges of the roadway and intersection at Mentor Avenue and Republic Street is complete. Work was conducted through Public Works Street Operations crews through the City’s regular roadway maintenance budget.

Grant Beach

Richard Napieralski Community Garden Improvements – $3,810
Work to install a freeze-proof yard hydrant within the west end of the garden area and provide new water service is scheduled for Fall of 2022.

Greater Parkcrest

Stormwater and Park improvements – $47,259
Project to repair the tennis court and stripe for Pickleball as well as stormwater improvements are now complete.

Sanford Park Phase 2 – $52,741
A new sidewalk connection from Battlefield Road to Sanford Park is now complete including lighting, new park signage and a bike rack.

Mark Twain

Tree planting, landscaping and fence removal – $20,000
Public Works street operations division is working to remove fencing and install trees and landscaping along City-owned property in the southeast corner of Kansas Expressway and Sunshine Street. The project is expected to be complete by summer. 


Alleyway Cleanup – $5,000
This project consists of removing overgrowth of vegetation in the alleys located in Midtown. Project completed.   

Silver Springs Park Water Line – $270
Work to install a freeze-proof hose bibb on the north wall of the Silver Springs Park pavilion is complete.  


ADA Compliant Sidewalks and Ramps – $85,499
This project will rehabilitate and replace non-compliant sidewalks and curb ramps in the Rountree neighborhood in various locations along Kentwood Avenue, Fairway Avenue, Catalpa Street, Delmar Street and Weller Avenue. The project is under contract with Liming Concrete with construction expected this summer.


Updates to Tennis and Basketball Courts at Zagonyi Park – $5,872
Tennis court resurfacing is complete, with new striping to serve as Pickleball courts. Basketball court repairs and improvements including a new chain link fence are scheduled for completion in late summer. 

Woodland Heights

Repair and restoration of Charlie Norr Community Center – $69,000
Repairs to the community center located at 310 W. Atlantic are complete, including cleaning and replacing brick, tuckpoints, repairing storefront framing, window glazing and door.

Alley Grading and Pothole Repair – $25,000
Work to conduct trash removal, grading and pothole repair of all alleyways in the Woodland Heights Neighborhood is complete.

Neighborhood Advisory Committee

Four speed boards to help reduce speeding on neighborhood streets – $24,000
Speed boards are installed at 1050 W. Mt. Vernon St., 2416 S. Bennett St., 809 Broadmoor St. and 2331 S. Ingram Mill Road. Speed boards are intended to be relocated periodically at NAC request in an effort to reduce neighborhood speeding city-wide.


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