Sidewalk construction to continue along Division Street in 2020


Walkability improvements will continue next year along Division Street in the Heart of the Westside neighborhood with a new stretch of sidewalk connecting pedestrians to Kansas Expressway.

The new sidewalk, stretching from West Avenue to Kansas Expressway, is currently in the design phase with construction anticipated in spring 2020. This project will connect to sidewalk at West Avenue completed in 2017 as part of the City’s Zone Blitz initiative.

The project will include a new 5-foot-wide sidewalk on the south side of Division Street with new curb and gutter and stormwater drainage improvements. The project, a cost-share with City Utilities, will also make improvements to current bus stop locations.

The total cost for the project is estimated at $600,000, with the City’s portion totaling approximately $193,000 provided through the 1/4-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax.


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