Stormwater improvement project near Oak Grove neighborhood to wrap up before summer


The Gelven Withers Stormwater Improvement project, located roughly along Catalpa Street between John Avenue and Gelven Avenue near the Oak Grove neighborhood, is set to wrap up before summer. Construction began in November 2018 and is expected to be complete by mid-May

The project includes the construction of new stormwater sewer piping, curb inlets, area inlets and paving along John Avenue, Gelven Avenue and Catalpa Street. Existing stormwater detention areas along John Avenue will be regraded and new detention excavated along the west side of the street.

Gas and water utility relocations were also necessary in order to make way for the new stormwater infrastructure.

“There were enough flooding concerns in the Gelven Withers area that this became a priority project,” explains Stormwater Engineer Julie Hawkins. “This project will help address a lot of those concerns.”

“This area is unique because it has the Craig Sinkhole which is one of the few sinkholes that has a city-maintained pump that pumps the water out and through stormwater infrastructure to an area further downstream,” Hawkins continues. “Part of the additional water detention being constructed is around this sinkhole and will further address flooding.”

As the project continues, Oak Grove residents can still expect a few short-term road closures at the intersection of Catalpa Street and Gelven Avenue and along Gelven Avenue between Grand Street and Catalpa Street.

This project is funded through the voter-approved 1/4-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax.



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