The art of timeless interior design

If you prefer refined and tasteful interior design, there are many options for you.

Clean and organized

A clean and organized home is always in fashion. Don’t clutter your space with too many things. Every surface does not necessarily need decor or accessories. Sometimes less is more. Just like putting on jewelry – decorate & accessorize a room to completion, then remove something.  Select quality over quantity. There is elegance in simplicity.

Proper scale

Make sure everything selected for your home is the right fit. Furniture should not be too large or too small. Comfort, ease and functionality should be priority. Light fixtures should be the appropriate size with soft and warm bulb wattage. There should be a good conversation distance between furniture pieces, leaving enough space for traffic paths.

Ignore trends

Avoid design / decor catalogs. Think about all the things you’ve always wanted in your “dream home.” Keep wall colors somewhat neutral. Bring in pops of color using art, rugs and pillows. This way if you want to change a room’s look down the road, one can do so without breaking the bank.

Keep it natural

For unique and timeless ambience, select items and finishes that occur in nature. Avoid man made products/ surfaces. Botanicals, natural elements and indirect lighting is best.

Look to the past

Research how society lived 75-100 years ago.  If what you see then still looks beautiful today — it’s timeless!

Unique pieces

Select items for your home that are special or have meaning to you. Decorate with things you pick up while traveling. Hang one of a kind pieces and art, not mass produced cliche items.


The style and quality of your home finishes should be consistent throughout. Guests should not be shocked and confronted by contrasting decor as they go from room to room. Like most people, if you enjoy many different styles – you are eclectic so have a balanced mixture in all rooms.

Wow factor

To obtain the “wow factor” when decorating your home, you must display things that are unexpected. If you want your space to stand out in the crowd, you need:
  • pops of color
  • memorable focal points
  • higher quality
  • great lighting
  • contrasting textures

All about you

In the end, the advice is to always ignore what’s trendy. People put way too much emphasis on trends. What works for others doesn’t necessarily work for you. Your home is your home. It’s about you and the things you love. If you truly love something and it catches your eye, that’s a good enough reason to buy and do it.
Nicholas Falls is a design integration specialist for Interior Innovations & Design. He lives in the Greater Parkcrest neighborhood.

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